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Drawing on QR Codes

We’ve all seen fancy QR codes with images. Usually, they have a small logo or something in the center. They are very easy to make, and to be honest not very impressive. Just generate your QR and put some image on top, that’s all. That works because all QRs have some amount of data reserved for error correction. You can flip some bits, obscure parts of the code, or use a noisy camera and it would still be readable.

WebGL tutorial: image processing

In this tutorial you will learn how to use WebGL for image processing. We will cover basic stuff like initialization, texture loading, and simple fragment shaders. I will try to cover all aspects of interaction with WebGL but you should have a decent understanding of vanilla javascript. If you want more in-depth explanations, there is a good book called “Learn WebGL”, check it out.

Hello World!

Just a small blog where I will document my exploration of interesting technologies. Hope it will help me to retain my motivation more easily. Also, I am planning to showcase some projects here soon. Too many projects worth sharing ar now buried with old hard drives.